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Trading Assets Days
CHF/RUB Sunday-Friday
PLN/TRY Sunday-Friday
GBP/MXN Sunday-Friday
PLN/JPY Sunday-Friday
PLN/USD Sunday-Friday
CHF/USD Sunday-Friday
HKD/AUD Sunday-Friday
CZK/JPY Sunday-Friday
ZAR/DKK Sunday-Friday
CZK/CHF Sunday-Friday
GBP/TRY Sunday-Friday
HKD/NZD Sunday-Friday
CZK/CAD Sunday-Friday
ZAR/TRY Sunday-Friday
NZD/MXN Sunday-Friday
USD/GBP Sunday-Friday
HKD/USD Sunday-Friday
GBP/CNH Sunday-Friday
HKD/CZK Sunday-Friday
SGD/CZK Sunday-Friday
EUR/CNH Sunday-Friday
ZAR/USD Sunday-Friday
TRY/GBP Sunday-Friday
CZK/USD Sunday-Friday
TRY/DKK Sunday-Friday
CZK/SEK Sunday-Friday
SGD/EUR Sunday-Friday
PLN/MXN Sunday-Friday
GBP/EUR Sunday-Friday
GBP/PLN Sunday-Friday
ZAR/HKD Sunday-Friday
ZAR/AUD Sunday-Friday
HKD/NOK Sunday-Friday
TRY/CAD Sunday-Friday
TRY/EUR Sunday-Friday
DKK/PLN Sunday-Friday
DKK/SEK Sunday-Friday
NOK/HUF Sunday-Friday
MXN/GBP Sunday-Friday
CHF/HUF Sunday-Friday
SEK/NZD Sunday-Friday
NZD/GBP Sunday-Friday
NZD/NOK Sunday-Friday
PLN/NOK Sunday-Friday
DKK/GBP Sunday-Friday
CHF/NZD Sunday-Friday
HKD/CAD Sunday-Friday
MXN/SGD Sunday-Friday
CHF/HKD Sunday-Friday
SGD/AUD Sunday-Friday
TRY/SEK Sunday-Friday
NZD/SGD Sunday-Friday
SEK/NOK Sunday-Friday
ZAR/HUF Sunday-Friday
DKK/CHF Sunday-Friday
CZK/PLN Sunday-Friday
ZAR/EUR Sunday-Friday
NOK/EUR Sunday-Friday
NOK/CZK Sunday-Friday
NZD/AUD Sunday-Friday
NZD/DKK Sunday-Friday
EUR/HKD Sunday-Friday
USD/RUB Sunday-Friday
EUR/CZK Sunday-Friday
TRY/AUD Sunday-Friday
MXN/DKK Sunday-Friday
MXN/CHF Sunday-Friday
ZAR/CZK Sunday-Friday
ZAR/CAD Sunday-Friday
DKK/MXN Sunday-Friday
GBP/SEK Sunday-Friday
MXN/CAD Sunday-Friday
DKK/SGD Sunday-Friday
MXN/PLN Sunday-Friday
USD/NZD Sunday-Friday
CHF/DKK Sunday-Friday
NZD/TRY Sunday-Friday
ZAR/CHF Sunday-Friday
ZAR/GBP Sunday-Friday
CZK/NOK Sunday-Friday
HKD/HUF Sunday-Friday
GBP/HKD Sunday-Friday
MXN/TRY Sunday-Friday
NZD/HUF Sunday-Friday
CHF/SGD Sunday-Friday
NZD/EUR Sunday-Friday
TRY/SGD Sunday-Friday
CHF/EUR Sunday-Friday
NOK/AUD Sunday-Friday
ZAR/SEK Sunday-Friday
NZD/HKD Sunday-Friday
CZK/NZD Sunday-Friday
EUR/DKK Sunday-Friday
USD/CNH Sunday-Friday
PLN/EUR Sunday-Friday
SGD/HKD Sunday-Friday
CHF/MXN Sunday-Friday
CHF/CZK Sunday-Friday
DKK/HKD Sunday-Friday
PLN/ZAR Sunday-Friday
CZK/MXN Sunday-Friday
ZAR/PLN Sunday-Friday
SGD/MXN Sunday-Friday
CZK/GBP Sunday-Friday
DKK/EUR Sunday-Friday
SEK/SGD Sunday-Friday
SGD/TRY Sunday-Friday
MXN/HUF Sunday-Friday
TRY/HKD Sunday-Friday
HKD/TRY Sunday-Friday
CHF/CAD Sunday-Friday
GBP/DKK Sunday-Friday
CZK/SGD Sunday-Friday
NOK/USD Sunday-Friday
SGD/USD Sunday-Friday
HKD/SEK Sunday-Friday
MXN/USD Sunday-Friday
SGD/PLN Sunday-Friday
PLN/AUD Sunday-Friday
EUR/RUB Sunday-Friday
CHF/AUD Sunday-Friday
SGD/SEK Sunday-Friday
SEK/JPY Sunday-Friday
SGD/DKK Sunday-Friday
CHF/SEK Sunday-Friday
PLN/GBP Sunday-Friday
MXN/ZAR Sunday-Friday
HKD/GBP Sunday-Friday
SEK/MXN Sunday-Friday
TRY/USD Sunday-Friday
EUR/SGD Sunday-Friday
MXN/AUD Sunday-Friday
SEK/ZAR Sunday-Friday
MXN/NOK Sunday-Friday
DKK/JPY Sunday-Friday
TRY/HUF Sunday-Friday
HKD/DKK Sunday-Friday
HKD/CHF Sunday-Friday
SGD/CAD Sunday-Friday
MXN/SEK Sunday-Friday
PLN/DKK Sunday-Friday
DKK/AUD Sunday-Friday
SGD/CHF Sunday-Friday
CHF/PLN Sunday-Friday
MXN/NZD Sunday-Friday
NOK/CAD Sunday-Friday
SEK/USD Sunday-Friday
DKK/USD Sunday-Friday
CZK/AUD Sunday-Friday
HKD/SGD Sunday-Friday
PLN/SGD Sunday-Friday
MXN/EUR Sunday-Friday
CNH/JPY Sunday-Friday
SEK/AUD Sunday-Friday
SEK/TRY Sunday-Friday
HKD/PLN Sunday-Friday
NZDZAR Sunday-Friday
GBP/CZK Sunday-Friday
GBP/SGD Sunday-Friday
NZD/CNH Sunday-Friday
CAD/ZAR Sunday-Friday
DKK/ZAR Sunday-Friday
CHF/NOK Sunday-Friday
NOK/MXN Sunday-Friday
SEK/DKK Sunday-Friday
NOK/GBP Sunday-Friday
CZK/EUR Sunday-Friday
ZAR/NZD Sunday-Friday
TRY/MXN Sunday-Friday
DKK/CZK Sunday-Friday
CZK/DKK Sunday-Friday
HKD/MXN Sunday-Friday
NOK/CHF Sunday-Friday
NOK/SGD Sunday-Friday
NZD/PLN Sunday-Friday
MXN/JPY Sunday-Friday
SEK/EUR Sunday-Friday
MXN/CZK Sunday-Friday
PLN/NZD Sunday-Friday
CZK/ZAR Sunday-Friday
NOK/HKD Sunday-Friday
TRY/CHF Sunday-Friday
GBP/RUB Sunday-Friday
NOK/TRY Sunday-Friday
CZK/TRY Sunday-Friday
PLN/SEK Sunday-Friday
ZAR/JPY Sunday-Friday
PLN/HUF Sunday-Friday
NZD/CZK Sunday-Friday
PLN/CZK Sunday-Friday
SEK/HKD Sunday-Friday
CZK/HUF Sunday-Friday
TRY/PLN Sunday-Friday
USD/AUD Sunday-Friday
ZAR/NOK Sunday-Friday
TRY/CZK Sunday-Friday
PLN/CHF Sunday-Friday
DKK/HUF Sunday-Friday
HKD/ZAR Sunday-Friday
CHF/TRY Sunday-Friday
SEK/HUF Sunday-Friday
NZD/SEK Sunday-Friday
PLN/CAD Sunday-Friday
CZK/HKD Sunday-Friday
SEK/CZK Sunday-Friday
SGD/NZD Sunday-Friday
CHF/GBP Sunday-Friday
SEK/CAD Sunday-Friday
DKK/CAD Sunday-Friday
HKD/EUR Sunday-Friday
DKK/NZD Sunday-Friday
SGD/HUF Sunday-Friday
SEK/CHF Sunday-Friday
NOK/DKK Sunday-Friday
PLN/HKD Sunday-Friday
GBP/HUF Sunday-Friday
CHF/ZAR Sunday-Friday
SGD/JPY Sunday-Friday
SGD/GBP Sunday-Friday
TRY/NOK Sunday-Friday
NOK/NZD Sunday-Friday
SEK/GBP Sunday-Friday
SGD/NOK Sunday-Friday
SGD/ZAR Sunday-Friday
NOK/PLN Sunday-Friday
NOK/ZAR Sunday-Friday
GBP/NOK Sunday-Friday
MXN/HKD Sunday-Friday
TRY/ZAR Sunday-Friday
DKK/TRY Sunday-Friday
USD/EUR Sunday-Friday
ZAR/MXN Sunday-Friday
TRY/NZD Sunday-Friday
SEK/PLN Sunday-Friday
DKK/NOK Sunday-Friday
ZAR/SGD Sunday-Friday
AUD/SEK Sunday-Friday
CAD/MXN Sunday-Friday
CAD/DKK Sunday-Friday
CAD/NZD Sunday-Friday
AUD/CNH Sunday-Friday
AUD/MXN Sunday-Friday
CAD/HKD Sunday-Friday
CAD/USD Sunday-Friday
AUD/HUF Sunday-Friday
CAD/HUF Sunday-Friday
AUD/NOK Sunday-Friday
CAD/SGD Sunday-Friday
CAD/GBP Sunday-Friday
AUD/CZK Sunday-Friday
CAD/TRY Sunday-Friday
AUD/ZAR Sunday-Friday
CAD/CZK Sunday-Friday
CAD/EUR Sunday-Friday
AUD/TRY Sunday-Friday
AUD/DKK Sunday-Friday
CAD/AUD Sunday-Friday
CAD/SEK Sunday-Friday
CAD/PLN Sunday-Friday
AUD/GBP Sunday-Friday
AUD/EUR Sunday-Friday
AUD/HKD Sunday-Friday
CAD/NOK Sunday-Friday
AUD/PLN Sunday-Friday
AUD/SGD Sunday-Friday
Trading Assets Days
Platinum Sunday-Friday
Gold Sunday-Friday
WTI crude oil Sunday-Friday
Brent crude oil Sunday-Friday
Crude Sunday-Friday
Trading Assets Days
Paypal Holdings Inc Sunday-Friday
NVIDIA Corporation Sunday-Friday
Micron Technology, Inc. Sunday-Friday
Seagate Technology PLC Sunday-Friday
Microsoft Corporation Sunday-Friday
eBay Inc Sunday-Friday
Alphabet Inc Class C Sunday-Friday
Amazon.com, Inc. Sunday-Friday
Apple Inc. Sunday-Friday
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Sunday-Friday
Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Sunday-Friday
Comcast Corporation Sunday-Friday
Netflix, Inc. Sunday-Friday
Intel Corporation Sunday-Friday
Zynga Inc Sunday-Friday
Cisco Systems, Inc. Sunday-Friday
Facebook, Inc. Common Stock Sunday-Friday
Woori Bank (ADR) Sunday-Friday
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class A Sunday-Friday
Shinhan Financial Group Co., Ltd. (ADR) Sunday-Friday
Toyota Motor Corp (ADR) Sunday-Friday
KB Financial Group, Inc. (ADR) Sunday-Friday
UBS Group AG Sunday-Friday
Ferrari NV Sunday-Friday
Sony Corp (ADR) Sunday-Friday
Caterpillar Inc. Sunday-Friday
Procter & Gamble Co Sunday-Friday
J C Penney Company Inc Sunday-Friday
Nokia Oyj (ADR) Sunday-Friday
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd Sunday-Friday
McDonald’s Corporation Sunday-Friday
Nutrien Ltd. Sunday-Friday
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co Sunday-Friday
SK Telecom Co Ltd (ADR) Sunday-Friday
Oracle Corporation Sunday-Friday
Nike Inc Sunday-Friday
Chevron Corporation Sunday-Friday
Snap Inc Sunday-Friday
The Coca-Cola Co Sunday-Friday
American International Group Inc Sunday-Friday
General Electric Company Sunday-Friday
Goldman Sachs Group Inc Sunday-Friday
Bank of America Corp Sunday-Friday
Exxon Mobil Corporation Sunday-Friday
Boeing Co Sunday-Friday
Ford Motor Company Sunday-Friday
3M Co Sunday-Friday
Wal-Mart Stores Inc Sunday-Friday
Verizon Communications Inc. Sunday-Friday
POSCO (ADR) Sunday-Friday
Twitter Inc Sunday-Friday
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Sunday-Friday
Manchester United PLC Sunday-Friday
American Express Company Sunday-Friday
Visa Inc Sunday-Friday
KT Corp (ADR) Sunday-Friday
Wells Fargo & Co Sunday-Friday
Walt Disney Co Sunday-Friday
Korea Electric Power Corporation (ADR) Sunday-Friday
Southwestern Energy Company Sunday-Friday
General Motors Company Sunday-Friday
Equifax Inc. Sunday-Friday
Morgan Stanley Sunday-Friday
IBM Common Stock Sunday-Friday
AT&T Inc. Sunday-Friday
Citigroup Inc Sunday-Friday
Alcoa Corp Sunday-Friday
Chesapeake Energy Corporation Sunday-Friday
LG Display Co Ltd. (ADR) Sunday-Friday
Pfizer Inc. Sunday-Friday
Paddy Power Betfair PLC Sunday-Friday
Lloyds Banking Group PLC Sunday-Friday
Royal Dutch Shell Plc Class A Sunday-Friday
BP plc Sunday-Friday
Vodafone Group plc Sunday-Friday
BT Group – CLASS A Common Stock Sunday-Friday
GKN plc Sunday-Friday
Tesco PLC Sunday-Friday
BHP Billiton plc Sunday-Friday
Glencore PLC Sunday-Friday
Rio Tinto plc Sunday-Friday
Worldpay Group PLC Sunday-Friday
J Sainsbury plc Sunday-Friday
easyJet plc Sunday-Friday
GlaxoSmithKline plc Sunday-Friday
Taylor Wimpey plc Sunday-Friday
National Grid plc Sunday-Friday
The Sage Group plc Sunday-Friday
BAE Systems plc Sunday-Friday
Barclays PLC Sunday-Friday
Legal & General Group Plc Sunday-Friday
WM Morrison Supermarkets PLC Sunday-Friday
HSBC Holdings plc Sunday-Friday
Kingfisher plc Sunday-Friday
Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc Sunday-Friday
Rolls-Royce Holding PLC Sunday-Friday
Centrica PLC Sunday-Friday
Marks and Spencer Group Plc Sunday-Friday
Samsung Electronics Co SMSN Sunday-Friday
Trading Assets Days
S&P 500 Index Sunday-Friday
NASDAQ-100 Sunday-Friday
UK100 Sunday-Friday
GER30 Sunday-Friday
FRA40 Sunday-Friday
ESP35 Sunday-Friday
S&P/ASX 200 Sunday-Friday
JPN225 Sunday-Friday
Trading Assets Days
Ethereum Sunday-Friday
Bitcoin Cash Sunday-Friday
Litecoin Sunday-Friday
Zcash Sunday-Friday
AIcoin Sunday-Friday
ESP35 Sunday-Friday
Ripple Sunday-Friday
IOTA Sunday-Friday
OmiseGO Sunday-Friday
Neo Sunday-Friday
EOS Sunday-Friday

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